My Views on Pending SAF/JPFO Deal

I’m aware there is a lot of strong controversy regarding the pending acquisition.  I have shared my thoughts both on The War in Guns blog and on Gun Rights Examiner:

I don’t presume to be smart enough or influential enough to play peacemaker in this. What I’m interested in doing is helping, and seeing that positive efforts toward liberty are promoted and supported. So all I can do is that which I’ve said from the start, from before the JPFO news became public knowledge: I will continue my efforts for the organization until such time as someone tells me they don’t want me to, or until I come to see that my faith has been misplaced.

If I feel further association is untenable due to changes in organizational principles, interference, censorship, control issues, you name it, I’ll bail too. For now, I have to give a presumption of innocence and then examine unfolding evidence before I can reach a personal verdict



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Updated: Brothers-In-Arms And For Private Defense

When it comes to their “rifles, shotguns and AR-15s,” their hearts are in the right place. From Dallas, via the Washington Times, comes a story that’ll warm the cockles of your heart: “Black open-carry activists protest police brutality.” :

“The people, who are gunned down and murdered by violent and militarized police forces, have formed the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, for the specific purpose of self defense and community policing,” the group states.

Whether they realize it or not, these Black Panther Party socialists are marching for the private production of defense, as Hans Hoppe calls it. This form of organization is predicated on the recognition of self-ownership, namely title in one’s prime real estate—one’s self—as well as title in the “stuff” an individual acquires in the course of sustaining himself and enhancing his life.

It sounds like our Black Panther brothers-in-arms are marching for private property, the cornerstone of self-defense.

Oh, the sweet irony.

If only these black activists would exit their insular, tribal orbit and recognize that, black, brown, and whites, we are all in this together. As the gun club’s put it:

The recent murders of unarmed black, brown, and whites across the United States of America has eradicated trust in the police.

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VPC Panic Mongers Spread Misinformation… Again

I know you’re shocked at this, but it’s true! VPC hyperventilates that *gasp* concealed carriers have been involved in *gasp* 659 non-self defense deaths since…


Um… What?

That’s right. An average of 47 people per year were killed by folks with concealed carry licenses during the past seven years.

Forty seven per year.

According to 2010 data, six million people, had concealed carry permits in 2010. SIX MILLION. That number is almost certainly much greater today.

Research shows that the number of defensive gun uses in the United States could be as high as 2.5 million annually. Gun grabbers claim that number cannot be true. But let’s put that aside for a moment.

The vast majority of defensive gun uses end up with no injuries and no crime. In most cases it is enough to merely brandish the gun to ward of your attacker, so these defensive gun uses are very much underreported.

So, let’s simply use what has been reported by the CDC. In 2011, legal interventions accounted for 146 deaths. That’s in one year. Oh, and by the way – that’s just in 17 states: Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin.

In other words, the VPC’s hysterical hyperventilation is just that, despite the fact that they’re attempting to widely distribute their “analysis” as so-called evidence that concealed carry is dangerous, and concealed carriers, who have been vetted by police, are not to be trusted.

The only people who seem to be propagating this ridiculous panic-mongering are frothing Everytown supporters.

The rest of us know better.

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Brady Loses Again

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Destroy Freedom got its rear end handed to it in court the other day. Brady took the website to court  in an attempt to hold the gun classifieds site liable for crimes that might, theoretically, be committed with the guns purchased through their website.

They tried to hold the gun industry liable via government force, and that didn’t work out so well, so now they’re trying to sue us out of existence. Well… that didn’t happen.

To prevail on a claim of negligence under Illinois law, a plaintiff must “prove the existence of a duty of care owed by the defendant to the plaintiff, a breach of that duty, and an injury proximately caused by that breach.” Buechel v.United States, (citing Thompson v. Gordon, (Ill. 2011)). The district court found that the first element, the existence of a duty of care, was lacking.

Armslist does not sell guns. It allows people to post classified ads, and therefore, holding them responsible for any violent act committed with a gun that was sold through their website is something akin to holding Craigslist responsible for a car crash caused by a drunk driver who bought a car through their site.


But what do you expect from the desperate gun grabbers at the Brady Center?

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Customer Relations

There’s this approach:

And then there’s this one:

All other things being equal I know which place would get my business, not that I’m in the market for a tattoo. There’s a cigar store up the street where the clerk open carries. When a mail order hasn’t arrived yet, that’s where I go if I feel like having one.

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Kroger Rejects Statist Mommies

Shannon Watts and her whining Moms Demand Action Attention have turned their… ahem… guns on Kroger, hoping to force the grocery chain to ban open carry in their stores, like they claim they did with Starbucks, Target and others. (Of course, there’s a bit of exaggeration on the part of the moms as well, since none of these stores actually BANNED anything, but hey… whatever helps them sleep at night.)

Well, Kroger didn’t feel like seeing an increase in robberies, like some other businesses that saw it fit to ban armed self defense. So they told the Mommies where to stick it. The company will continue allowing both concealed and open carry, as permitted by law, which prompted another ridiculous hashtag campaign on Twitter – #GroceriesNotGuns – which is bound to work about as well as the one demanding Boko Haram brings back the girls they kidnapped in Nigeria.

The posts vary in hilarity from petulant…

To prophetic (and filled with economic ignorance)…

To downright paranoid…

But always filled with the hysterical goodness to which we’ve become accustomed! 

Thank you, Kroger for respecting your customer’s rights. I’m sure any business you may lose from the hysterical gun grabbers, you will more than recover from Americans who aren’t insane.

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Consciousness Of Guilt Considered

If the video of Michael Brown—the unarmed, black teenager who was shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri—roughing up and robbing a shopkeeper is authentic, Brown was no gentle giant; he was a brute and a bully.

For the edification of readers who are just joining us, Brown was “an unarmed black teenager, … killed by a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.” According to

Brown was shot multiple times and killed by a Ferguson police officer in the early afternoon of Saturday, August 9, outside an apartment complex. Brown was unarmed. All shell casings found at the scene were from the police officer’s gun.

The point being made by the entities columnist Fred Reed dubs “talking heads with bargain-basement IQs,” however, is that the Brown captured by surveillance doing what seemed to come so naturally (intimidating and stealing) relates not at all to the Brown who got shot, because the cop who shot Brown knew nothing of the robbery in which the teen had partaken in the hours prior to his death.

This is not to justify the shooting, but to pose a question: Do we know for sure that the outed policeman did not get information over his car radio about a robbery in the vicinity?

The fact that the alleged perp (Michael Brown) knew he had committed a felony might well have changed the dynamics of the situation. If Brown had consciousness of guilt, he might well have acted in an aggressive manner; “done something an innocent person would not do.”

“The story smells,” writes Fred, who worked the cop beat as a journalist:

Reflect: Every white cop short of the orbit of Neptune knows that if he shoots a black, he faces dismemberment in the media, loss of job and pension, probable criminal charges locally by a publicity-seeking prosecutor, a well-funded civil suit that he can’t afford filed by surviving family members, and trumped-up federal civil-rights charges from an attorney general who doesn’t like whites.

That said, the black community’s resistance to a police force with a militarized mindset and armaments to match is to be commended, even envied. (Envied is the spirit of the protest, not the willful destruction of private property.) Were Michael Brown a white boy slain for no reason, his “community” of submissives would be slobbering on TV, rather than protesting on the streets. Go bros!

Contrast Michael Bell, whose son was also murdered by cop, with the folks in Ferguson. Bell sought a remedy within one state’s corrupt system. This pro-cop ex-military man was alarmed to discover that “when police take a life, they investigate themselves.” (Bell’s in for quite the surprise if he thinks that one hand doesn’t wash the other throughout government, in every branch, at every level.) Bell’s remedy amounts to merely tweaking the system: mandating “outside review of all deaths in police custody.”

… The police claimed that one officer screamed that Michael grabbed his gun after they stopped him, for reasons that remain unclear though he was slightly intoxicated, and then Gonzalez shot him, sticking the gun so close against his temple that he left a muzzle imprint. Michael wasn’t even driving his own car. He’d been out with a designated driver, but the designated driver drank and was younger, and so my son made the decision to drive. …

Wanting to uncover the truth, our family hired a private investigator who ended up teaming up with a retired police detective to launch their own investigation. They discovered that the officer who thought his gun was being grabbed in fact had caught it on a broken car mirror. The emergency medical technicians who arrived later found the officers fighting with each other over what happened. We filed an 1,100-page report detailing Michael’s killing with the FBI and US Attorney. It took six years to get our wrongful death lawsuit settled, and my family received $1.75 million.

In his naiveté, Bell considers that he got some justice for his son, when the innocent taxpayer paid for the crime, while “[t]he officer who killed [him], Albert Gonzalez, is not only still on the force ten years later, he is also a licensed concealed-gun instructor across the state line in Illinois.”

—ilana mercer




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Crazy = violent?

Perhaps not.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, the Virginia Tech murders, the attack on the Washington Navy Yard and the latest (now thankfully dead) Santa Barbara nut’s car/gun/knife rampage, the usual crowd of gun-grabbing hoplophobes began to clamor for “universal” background checks.

Translation: we want to mandate background checks for private sales, thereby eliminating private sales altogether, making guns even more expensive by adding bureaucratic red tape and FFL administrative costs into the price of the firearm, and making it such a pain to dispose of your property as you see fit, that you essentially decide to either do it illegally, or not do it at all.

Additionally, because of the nutbaggery of the aforementioned frootloops, the gun grabbers are now beating the “keeping guns from the dangerously mentally ill” drum.

Look, no one wants a violent sociopath to have access to firearms – certainly not legal access. That said…

What defines “mentally ill?”

Who would fall under that category?

Would making psychiatric records part of the NICS background check necessarily violate doctor-patient confidentiality?

How subjective is the diagnosis?

Would veterans diagnosed with PTS lose their right to keep and bear arms (quite the thanks for serving to protect that right, as well as the rest of the Constitution, isn’t it?)

For some answers, Ammoland turned to Montana Shooting Sports Association President Gary Marbut, who testified in front of Montana Legislature Law and Justice Interim Committee regarding National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and Mental Health in February.

You can read about Gary’s background and qualifications at the link above. You can also read his testimony that addresses some of these critical questions.

To me, the biggest issue is: do we deprive someone of their natural right to defend themselves with the most effective tool on the market today, merely because they sought mental health treatment?

I would say the answer is, “absolutely not.”

From Gary’s testimony, we can glean a few facts:

No, mentally ill does not necessarily equal violent.

No, despite the highly-publicized nutbags who recently went on shooting sprees, gun-related mass violence by persons with mental health issues is not on the rise.

And most of all, no – including people with prior mental health issues in the NICS database will not prevent them from obtaining guns. Data shows again and again that the majority of guns used in crimes come from illegal sources, and not through lawful purchases.

I believe what it will do is discourage some from seeking help they might desperately need for fear of losing their rights, prevent veterans from seeking counseling after coming back from warzones, and prevent many non-violent, non-criminal people from exercising their rights.

Not to mention the possibility that doctors may “express” their political views about guns by diagnosing patients as mentally unfit and working to keep as many people as possible from being able to legally obtain firearms.

No thanks.

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Lessons Learned from Ferguson

Tensions are running high in Ferguson, MO where a police officer shot and killed 18 year-old Michael Brown a few days ago.

Reports about the incident vary. Police claim Brown attacked the yet-unidentified officer and tried to get his gun. Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson told CNN this was murder – plain and simple.

Still in his car, the officer then grabbed Brown by his neck, Johnson said. Brown tried to pull away, but the officer kept pulling Brown toward him, he said.

The officer drew his weapon, and “he said, ‘I’ll shoot you’ or ‘I’m going to shoot’ ” and almost instantaneously fired his weapon, hitting Brown, Johnson said.

Johnson and a bloodied Brown took off running, and Johnson hid behind the first car he saw, he said. The officer got out of his car.

“I saw the officer proceeding after my friend Big Mike with his gun drawn, and he fired a second shot and that struck my friend Big Mike,” Johnson told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “And at that time, he turned around with his hands up, beginning to tell the officer that he was unarmed and to tell him to stop shooting. But at that time, the officer firing several more shots into my friend, and he hit the ground and died.”

The story is absolutely heartbreaking, no matter whose version of the story you believe. What seems to be an indisputable fact is that Brown was unarmed, the officer was armed, and Brown is dead.

For those screaming “RACISM!” at the top of their lungs, because a white cop in a predominantly black community shot an unarmed individual, you have no way of knowing what was in that officer’s head at the time of the shooting. To blame what essentially is a state of mind for this young man’s death presupposes that we know what the officer was thinking at the time of the incident.

But here’s what we do know.

We know that an armed officer shot an unarmed guy.

We know that riots ensued in the aftermath of the shooting – riots that resulted in shots fired, tear gas and what seems to be requisite looting and destruction of property.

We know business owners armed with rifles – or what the media and the gun grabbers would hysterically call “assault weapons” – protected their property from the looting, savage hordes when police could do nothing to help.

And we know that police response was to send out armed-to-the-teeth personnel with semi-automatic rifles, batons, CS gas, and other goodies the gun grabbers don’t want us ordinary citizens to have to control the rioters.

So what have we learned?

We learned, that despite the claims of racism, and squeals of consternation about militarized police in Ferguson, gun grabbers still blame guns, and still think police should be the only ones to have them.

We learned that the “assault” weapons about which gun grabbers hyperventilate do have a legitimate civilian use, despite their best efforts to convince you that these bloody, military killing machines have no place in civilian hands.


And we learned that some unhinged, raging lunatics will use any tragedy to berate the evil gun industry. Because by selling tools of self defense to people who quite obviously need them, the evil gun industry is evil, because it’s making a profit… or something.


EVIL GUNZ! And shut up, RACIST!

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Those Who Cannot Learn from the Past

Knesset tightens gun control with no opposition.

That was from a few weeks ago, in The Jerusalem Post.

I can’t help but wonder, not what Aaron Zelman would have said, but how he would have put it. Somehow, “bagel brains” hardly seems weighty enough for this level of kapo foolishness and betrayal.

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