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VPC Panic Mongers Spread Misinformation… Again

I know you’re shocked at this, but it’s true! VPC hyperventilates that *gasp* concealed carriers have been involved in *gasp* 659 non-self defense deaths since… …2007. Um… What? That’s right. An average of 47 people per year were killed by … Continue reading

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Brady Loses Again

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Destroy Freedom got its rear end handed to it in court the other day. Brady took the website to court  in an attempt to hold the gun classifieds site liable for crimes that might, theoretically, be committed with the … Continue reading

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Kroger Rejects Statist Mommies

Shannon Watts and her whining Moms Demand Action Attention have turned their… ahem… guns on Kroger, hoping to force the grocery chain to ban open carry in their stores, like they claim they did with Starbucks, Target and others. (Of … Continue reading

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Crazy = violent?

Perhaps not. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, the Virginia Tech murders, the attack on the Washington Navy Yard and the latest (now thankfully dead) Santa Barbara nut’s car/gun/knife rampage, the usual crowd of gun-grabbing hoplophobes began to clamor … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from Ferguson

Tensions are running high in Ferguson, MO where a police officer shot and killed 18 year-old Michael Brown a few days ago. Reports about the incident vary. Police claim Brown attacked the yet-unidentified officer and tried to get his gun. Brown’s … Continue reading

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