Your Home: The Government’s Castle

Marvin Louis Guy (49), pictured below, defended his home against the wrong criminal. Now he could die.

Didn’t Mr. Guy know that when an intruder, who happens to be a police detective, breaks into your home in the wee hours of the morning, you may not repel him? Guy shot Detective Charles Dinwiddie in the face and killed him as Dinwiddie attempted “to serve a search warrant by entering a house through a window.” SWAT was close by.


Prosecutors in Texas are going to seek the death penalty against [Guy]. KWTX offers a dreadfully written summary that says next to nothing about the circumstances of the raid but gives Dinwiddie’s whole life story. Guy faces three additional charges of attempted capital murder for shooting the other officers. The story mentions the no-knock raid but fails to explain why it happened or the failure to find any drugs.

It would appear that agents of the state are supposed to be safe from harm in … your home.



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4 Responses to Your Home: The Government’s Castle

  1. No-knock warrants are evil.

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    • Archer says:

      Agreed. No-knock raids are an excuse to dress up as para-military ninjas and break down doors (or in this case, windows). They RARELY are used as intended: against dangerous criminals/gangs prone to “flushing” evidence. The victims (i.e. the homeowners) are just as likely to be normal people or low-key “white-collar” criminals who sleep at zero-dark-thirty as heavily-armed repeat offenders who keep all hours, and increasingly it’s the “normal” people who get hurt/killed in raids like this when a daylight questioning and voluntary search might be more appropriate.

      I’m hoping and praying for the day we see the end of no-knock raids as the default action, and the “superior” officers being put on trial for violation of 18 USC 241 and 242. Nuremburg-style, where “just following orders” is neither an excuse nor a valid defense.


  2. Yacketta Ron says:

    No jury will ever convict him of murder crawling through a window 3.30 in the morning un announced is breaking and entering


  3. Jim Henry says:

    That is a pretty jacked up charge it seems. If you break into someone’s house unannounced, you deserve to have your ass shot off. Period.


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