Unequal Under The Law

The case of Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens running back who was suspended for assaulting his wife, is of no particular interest—other than that it instantiates what a society of busybodies we inhabit. What is of interest is the case’s connection to Shaneen Allen—she’s the young mom who got arrested for being unaware that her Pennsylvania gun permit was invalid in New Jersey, into which she had crossed. (See “Bloodsuckers Sock It To Innocent Mom.”)

“Shaneen Allen wants to know what makes her so different from Ray Rice,” who was approved for a certain pretrial program that resulted in no jail time. The same prosecutor and judge team refused to admit Allen to the program, resulting in a harsh sentence of more than three years in prison.

The pretrial program is tailored for “first-time offenders,” and is “similar to probation” in that it spares the offender from incarceration.

 Atlantic County prosecutor Jim McClain recommended Rice for the program in May, months after denying the single mother’s application. And Superior Court Judge Michael Donio, who signed off on the agreement that spared Rice jail time, denied a motion by Allen’s attorney to force McClain to reconsider.

“What makes Ray Rice so different from me that I couldn’t be accepted by the same prosecutor and judge? Is it that he ‘was’ a pro athlete but I’m a single mother of 2?”


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