As Clear As Claire

On her inimitable, eponymous  blog—for “Living Freedom” is synonymous with “Claire Wolfe”— the lady speaks further to the ins and outs of “selling out.” In her September 10th entry, Claire alludes to the merger of JPFO with the Second Amendment Foundation, expounded upon at length in earlier Wolfe blog posts, to wit:

The sellout of JPFO to SAF will be complete as of this Friday, September 12. The remnants of JPFO will be hauled away to Washington (and, I picture in my mind’s eye, be stashed away like the Lost Ark at the end of that movie).
While Gottlieb promises JPFO will continue to operate “independently,” in fact SAF is making no attempt to learn anything at all about how the organization functions. Surely they’ll keep some JPFO-ish thing going and it may even look good for a while, but it’s clear that what they’re really after is mailing lists — of members, donors, sponsors, and purchasers. …


This deal was preordained. The JPFO board was never even going to look at any alternate proposals, let alone give them serious consideration. This began and ended as an act of supreme arrogance, authoritarianism, secrecy, and wholesale contempt for JPFO’s members, donors, corporate sponsors, and contractors. And of course, even deeper contempt for the legacy of Aaron Zelman and the importance of his uncompromising voice for gun rights. (The sellout is now complete.)

Another uncompromising JPFO member sees the merger in a similar light: “So long, JPFO, and thanks for the memories,” laments Kent McManigal.

Here is Claire’s vivid pictorial depiction of the “Pitfalls” of gun-control.” Brilliant.

Myself, I’ve arrived on the JPFO scene in the midst of this organizational upheaval. I was recruited in my capacity as a natural-rights nut. I’ll continue to apply the philosophy of natural rights, as I see it, in this space, until I am told to stop.

Is that as clear as Claire? I hope so.

Off to stick my “Gun Control is NOT KOSHER” sticker on the GTI. (I purchased the cap too for glorious runs, in sunshine and rain.)


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  1. Alan Gottlieb, Chaim Rumkowski: birds of a feather


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