Bloodsuckers Sock It To Innocent Mom

She draws blood for a living, but—it goes without saying—she’s nothing like the bloodsuckers who sit in judgement of her. The update on the legal position of Shaneen Allen comes courtesy of Recall, the 27-year-old phlebotomist, mother of two, was unaware that her Pennsylvania gun permit was invalid in New Jersey, when she was “found with a weapon in her car during a traffic stop on the Atlantic City Expressway last fall.”

Allen was on her way to Atlantic City for her son’s birthday party, and was stopped by a state trooper on the expressway about 1 a.m. for a routine traffic violation. Allen voluntarily handed over the loaded firearm, which was in her purse, during the stop. She had earlier given the officer her Pennsylvania gun permit when she showed her driver’s license.

“This is someone who should not be turned into a felon and sent to state prison and have her destroyed because she made a mistake and committed a victimless crime,” said [her attorney].

An upstanding mom who sought to protect that most precious thing of all—her life and the lives of her children—Allen has done nothing illicit in natural law. She has, however, violated the petty law of the state. Yes, “sometimes the law of the state coincides with the natural law. More often than not, natural justice has been buried under the rubble of legislation and statute.”

So, Cui bono, Judge Creep? Who benefits from incarcerating an innocent woman? “The law mandates a minimum sentence of 3½ to five years for certain gun crimes.”

A Superior Court judge denied a motion Tuesday to drop charges against [the] Philadelphia woman  … Judge Michael Donio also refused to overturn an Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office decision that denied Allen, who has no previous criminal record, the opportunity to enter New Jersey’s pretrial intervention program, which would have allowed her to avoid jail time. …

It is here that jury nullification would free Ms. Allen from the clutches of these in-justices. Judging from the Comments section, the community is on Ms. Allen’s side.

As are we.


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3 Responses to Bloodsuckers Sock It To Innocent Mom

  1. Henry Bowman says:

    Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, could pardon Ms. Allen if she is convicted (I don’t think he can take any action unless she is convicted). But, I’m sure he will not, for as a former prosecutor (aka scumbag), he is likely loathe to do so. He seems to be a horrible person on many levels.

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  2. Harry Gross says:

    I’m glad that I reside in the great state of Louisiana where we don’t put up with this horse manure!


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