You Can Tell We Are All Jews

It is no laughing matter when the organic continuity of a magnificent organization like “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership” is in jeopardy for whatever reason. I’ve read most of the opinions offered by fellow JPFOers. Still, as the new, gun-toting girl on the block, that’s as much as I’m qualified to say. I guess I can attempt (hopefully) to keep you smiling as you hammer out a solution that’ll both preserve the legacy of founder Aaron Zelman, as well as ensure JPFO’s financial viability.

I’ve been with  JPFO for a mere week, I believe, but right away, when debating the name of our group blog, “Packing Heat, Shedding Light,” it was obvious I was in the company of fellow Jews. How so?

We arrived at an impasse in no time at all. The men all fell silent. And the women took over.



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2 Responses to You Can Tell We Are All Jews

  1. Alex D. says:

    After using JFPO site as a good resource, I joined JFPO, prepaying for 2 years. After joining, I got a nice little package of information – perhaps outdated in its design, but still with some good resources. Being active both in the Jewish community and in 2nd Amendment groups I thought I found an organization I really identified with. Via a number of e-mails, I extended my offer to volunteer in any capacity – at pro-Israel events, at gun shows, etc – to do membership campaigns, fundraisers, and to get my fellow Jews to understand, support, and if they chose so, to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. I have never received a response or an acknowledgement of my offers to volunteer … and even my request to join the FB page was granted probably a year later when Mr. Cohen took over as the administrator.

    Now according to this post, JFPO is having financial difficulties and the only thing they can think of is to seize to exist? How lazy can you be? How ignorant to the purpose of this organization are you? Why is it that you seem to be all out of ideas after having done absolutely nothing?


    • Nicki says:

      Alex, I can’t speak for the other issues, but the group Mr. Cohen moderates is not an official JPFO page. The official page requires no permission to “join.” You are free to do so. Just an FYI

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