UPDATED: What Media That Matters Are Saying (The Other Side)

Being new at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and having been thrown in at the deep end, in as much as I’ve arrived on the scene in the midst of organizational upheaval—it is instructive to see what freedom lovers are saying about a possible merger of JPFO with the Second Amendment Foundation. Writes a blogger at LewRocwell.com:

Claire Wolfe has a lengthy post on the possible (or now, likely) merger of the organizations Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and the faux Second Amendment Foundation. Ms. Wolfe links to a petition for people to sign  to speak out against the merger. Apparently, not only did the faux Second Amendment Foundation endorse the Schumer-Toomey-Manchin universal background checks bill, but they wrote the bill themselves! But throughout the years, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has consistently promoted the rights of all individuals to possess the means to protect and defend themselves.

 UPDATE (8/27):  Writes Carl Stegmaier:

The SAF is legit; I am a life member. Whatever Claire is talking about is almost surely a misrepresentation …  And I don’t care to waste my time proving it to anybody! SAF was there with the NRA and CCRKBA when the rest of the country was whooping it up over the Persian Gulf War…

Nicki Kenyon rebuts:

Let me say that I’ve worked with Alan and I like him, so there’s that. I’m also a lowly contractor, so my knowledge is somewhat limited. That’s number two. And finally, here’s the thing. This merger is being approached in a very underhanded way, and that makes me uneasy. Board members did not communicate with anyone, and members’ attempts to approach them have been ignored. At the very least, the board is accountable to the membership, and should be responsive to their concerns. For one board member to unilaterally approach another organization without consulting the board or the membership and put the organization up on the selling block is not above board and not honest.

Additionally, Claire worked closely with Aaron Zelman. She knew him well. She knew his heart. To say she’s blatantly … misrepresenting is repulsively insulting. Claire has been there with JPFO for years. There is no question about her dedication to freedom or gun rights, and no doubt of her love for the organization. So back off.

And finally, there are and have been concerns about Alan’s promotion of the Manchin-Toomey abortion. I can understand those concerns. JPFO was founded on certain principles of no compromise, so the concerns aren’t unwarranted.

All that said… I think if there IS another way to rescue JPFO, it should be attempted. I don’t know if there is, and I certainly don’t know if it’s viable. That’s for folks above my paygrade.

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3 Responses to UPDATED: What Media That Matters Are Saying (The Other Side)

  1. Allen Cogbill says:

    I have been a member of JPFO for roughly 15 years, and have helped produce several of JPFO’s videos (this simply means I gave money for production, and my name is in the credits). I was, as I suspect many others were, stunned at Aaron Zelman’s untimely passing, and I enjoyed reading his writings with Claire Wolfe.

    I actually only found out about the SAF takeover 4-5 days ago. I don’t know what this means long-term, as I actually don’t know any of the principals and what they stand for. Remarkably, Alan Gottlieb’s SAF sends out requests for money even more frequently than the NRA does. I hope JPFO maintains its unique stand on civil rights. Its position has always been uncompromising, which is why I think Claire Wolfe is POed.

    SAF has done a world of good, but, at least as I understand things, Alan Gottlieb has cooperated with some extraordinarily evil folks such as Chuck Schumer. Such cooperation disturbs me. For now, I will take a “let’s see what happens” attitude.

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  2. S says:

    I joined JPFO shortly after its formation in 1989, and became a life member a few years later. I did so only after a lot of thought and several conversations with Aaron.

    The issue is not whether SAF is “legit.” Of course SAF is legit; it follows the IRS rules and files the forms.

    The issue is not whether SAF is effective. Reasonable people can disagree about that.

    The issue is whether a single director of JPFO, a man too old and tired to perform his duties, will be allowed to destroy this organization.

    The issue is whether honest, competent governance of JPFO would ram this merger through while refusing any communications with parties offering the funds and expertise to provide viable alternatives.

    The issue is whether a principled, uncompromising organization has any value in the marketplace of ideas. I don’t judge JPFO on the lawsuits it won or laws it got passed. I judge it on whether or not JPFO effectively articulates the hard-core principles of the right of every human being to defend their life. I find them valuable.

    JPFO has something unique to offer. If it is merged with legislating, lawsuit-filing, constantly compromising SAF, JPFO will be destroyed. It’s unique voice, perspective, and role will be lost. And the man responsible for that loss will be a single director who once had the misplaced trust of the Aaron Zelman, RIP.

    This is not about SAF. It is about JPFO, and preserving its unique legacy and perspective. SAF cannot do that. The current directors will not do it. It is unspeakably sad to see a great man’s life work destroyed by the perfidy of a few men.


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