My Views on Pending SAF/JPFO Deal

I’m aware there is a lot of strong controversy regarding the pending acquisition.  I have shared my thoughts both on The War in Guns blog and on Gun Rights Examiner:

I don’t presume to be smart enough or influential enough to play peacemaker in this. What I’m interested in doing is helping, and seeing that positive efforts toward liberty are promoted and supported. So all I can do is that which I’ve said from the start, from before the JPFO news became public knowledge: I will continue my efforts for the organization until such time as someone tells me they don’t want me to, or until I come to see that my faith has been misplaced.

If I feel further association is untenable due to changes in organizational principles, interference, censorship, control issues, you name it, I’ll bail too. For now, I have to give a presumption of innocence and then examine unfolding evidence before I can reach a personal verdict



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